Product A-Z Listing

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  1. A

    1. ASG-Alliance

      For Understanding Applications

    2. Audit & Analytics Services

      Audit & Analytics Services helps organizations improve operational performance, strengthen internal controls, reduce occupational fraud and comply with regulations by automating business audit and reconciliation rules in line with policies. It continuously scans corporate information regardless of type, source and volume to detect, analyze and prevent data discrepancies.

  2. C

    1. ASG-Cortex-Plan

      For Automating Job Planning, Scheduling, and Monitoring

  3. D

    1. ASG-DBOL

      For Retrieving CA-IDMS Updates

    2. Data Intelligence

      ASG Data Intelligence™ helps enterprise organizations successfully fulfill defensive and offensive data strategies by capturing and governing information supply chains that empower stakeholders to find, understand, share and analyze trusted data.

  4. E

    1. ASG-Encore

      For Leveraging Mainframe Applications

    2. ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator

      One solution for Infrastructure & Operations and DevOps leaders and teams to manage and control end-to-end value streams spanning on-premises, mainframe, cloud and hybrid platforms.

  5. F

    1. ASG-Fast Access

      For Quicker CA-IDMS Read, Load, and Update

  6. HIDE

    1. ASG-NaviPlex and ASG-Navigraph

      For Enterprise Performance Management on z/OS

    2. ASG-NaviPlex and ASG-Navigraph

      For Enterprise Performance Management on z/OS

    3. ASG-TMON for IMS

      Monitoring and Management of IBM TM/DB on z/OS

  7. I

    1. ASG-Insight

      For Understanding COBOL Application Programs

  8. J


      Analyzing JCL and Enforcing JCL Standards and Syntax


      Comprehensive Production JCL Management

    3. ASG-Journal Manager

      For Controlling CA-IDMS Journal Activities

  9. L

    1. ASG-Life Cycle Manager

      Provides Organizations With Accurate Change Control in Multiple Software or Document Configurations

  10. M

    1. ASG Mobius Content Services

      ASG Mobius Content Services (Mobius) centralizes business-critical content in one secure location to mitigate compliance risks, modernize IT infrastructure and connect employees, systems and applications with content. It is a modular, open, Rest API-led platform that provides an open, flexible, and scalable architecture to manage large volumes of information.

  11. N

    1. ASG-NaviPlex and ASG-Navigraph

      For Enterprise Performance Management on z/OS

  12. O

    1. ASG-OpsCentral

      Centralized Management of Enterprise Scheduling Workloads

    2. ASG-Outbound Enterprise

      For Multi-Platform File Transfers

  13. P

    1. ASG-PreAlert

      For CA-IDMS Monitoring

    2. ASG-PRO/JCL®: Advanced JCL Validation and Integrity

      Eliminate Costly Re-running of Production Jobs, Reducing Costs and Increasing Efficiency

  14. R

    1. ASG-Recap

      For Quality Measurement

    2. ASG-Remote Desktop

      Increasing complexities of remote work, cloud adoption and system migration demands simple, efficient and cost-effective remote access for IT professionals and teams.

    3. ASG-Replication Agent

      For CA-IDMS Data Distribution

  15. S

    1. ASG-SmartDoc

      For Documenting COBOL Application Programs

    2. ASG-SmartEdit

      COBOL-Intelligent Editor

    3. ASG-SmartFile

      An effective and easy-to-use file and data management solution that can improve the speed and quality of testing.

    4. ASG-SmartScope

      A robust fault diagnosis and dump management solution.

    5. ASG-SmartTest

      For Interactive Testing and Debugging

  16. T

    1. ASG-TMON Change Manager for CICS TS and System Definition Auditor feature

      Monitoring and Management of IBM MQ on z/OS and Distributed Platforms

    2. ASG-TMON for CICS TS for z/OS

      Monitoring and Management of IBM CICS Transaction Server (TS) on z/OS

    3. ASG-TMON for DB2

      Monitoring and Management of IBM DB2 on z/OS

    4. ASG-TMON for IMS

      Monitoring and Management of IBM TM/DB on z/OS

    5. ASG-TMON for TCP/IP

      For Extensive Management of TCP/IP Network Performance

    6. ASG-TMON for VTAM

      For Complete Performance Management of IBM's Virtual Telecommunications Access Method (VTAM)

    7. ASG-TMON for z/OS

      Proactively Monitor and Manage Your z/OS System in Real Time

    8. ASG-TMON for z/VSE

      For Monitoring and Management of IBM z/VSE Systems and Applications

    9. ASG-TMON Product Suite

      Monitor System Availability with Business Performance Management Software

    10. ASG-TMON® Performance Analyzer for App Servers

      A Complete J2EE Application Server Performance Management Solution for Any J2EE 1.4+ Compliant Application Servers

    11. ASG-TMON® Performance Analyzer for Oracle

      For current and historical performance information for accurate tuning, maintenance, and capacity analysis of Oracle instances

    12. ASG-TMON® Performance Analyzer for UNIX and Linux

      For Visibility and Insight to Avoid Problems, Reduce Costs, and Do More With Less for UNIX and Linux Platforms

    13. ASG-TMON® Performance Analyzer for VMware

      For Discovery, Analysis, Planning, Consolidation, Implementation, Monitoring, and Management of VMware Environments

    14. ASG-TMON® Performance Analyzer for Windows

      For Optimizing the Performance of Your Windows IT Infrastructure

    15. ASG-TMON® Performance Analyzer for z/OS

      For a Complete View Into the Performance of Your Mainframes, Their Peripherals, and the Level of Resources Being Used

    16. ASG-Tracer

      For Processing Large Amounts of CA-IDMS Data

    17. ASG-TriTune

      ASG-TriTune Identifies the Root Cause of Application Performance Inefficiencies in Mainframe Applications

  17. V

    1. ASG-ValidDate

      For Manipulating the System Date to Evaluate the Effect on Applications

    2. ASG-Virtual DB

      For Creating Virtual Copies of CA-IDMS Databases

  18. Z

    1. ASG-Zack

      Automated Systems and Event Management

    2. ASG-Zara

      Automated Tape Management

    3. ASG-Zebb

      Automated Process Rerun Management

    4. ASG-Zeke

      For Enterprise-wide Systems Management and Job / Process Management for z/OS and z/VSE

    5. ASG-Zeke Agents

      for Extending the Power of ASG-Zeke to the Enterprise

    6. ASG-Zena

      Cross-Platform Scheduling and Workload Automation

    7. ASG-Zenith Digital Automation Platform

      ASG-Zenith Digital Automation Platform accelerates the automation of business processes and content-driven workflows with a robust set of business services integrated through a single low-code/no-code visual design studio. It includes services for business process automation (BPM), robotic process automation (RPA), policy-based decisions, content governance and privacy management.