ASG-Zenith Digital Automation Platform

ASG-Zenith enables a new approach to process automation. This unified platform for digital transformation, increases an organization’s competitiveness. It accelerates the automation of processes, with a robust set of business services uniquely integrated through a single visual design environment (ASG-Studio). Its low-code/no-code approach allows business users and IT to partner together to efficiently automate the myriad of processes that engage customers and employees.

ASG-Zenith includes business services for business process automation (BPM), robotic process automation (RPA), policy-based decisions, content governance and privacy management, presentation and multi-experience mobile-first application delivery. 

Request to Join the ASG-Zenith Beta Program

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  • Blog: Accelerating the Pace of Digital Transformation Requires New Tools for Process Automation

Low-Code/No-Code Design Studio


Model-Based Approach

Select, drag & drop models ... Deploy with one-click.



Increase productivity of developers and empower business users.


Unified Services

Assemble applications from comprehensive services with a single common tool.


“Early adopters are breaking down the business-IT divide by adopting low-code software development platforms that both speed up the work of traditional developers and enable newly deputized "citizen developer" to take on projects that would otherwise languish in the IT queue.”

Increased Productivity with Automated Processes


Business Processes

Connect humans to machine driven tasks for greater productivity, reliability and consistency.



Robotic Process Automation

Automate repetitive tasks ... Bots execute in attended or unattended mode for added efficiency.



Single Design Tool

Design and connect human and machine-based automations with ASG-Studio.


Visibility Into Enterprise Performance


Structured and Unstructured Information

View and connect all enterprise information and processes in a single portal dashboard.


Role-Based Workspaces

Ensure enterprise security by providing the right information and access based on roles.


Mobile and Multi-Channel Delivery

Present process and information dashboards through any channel and any device with a common user experience.


Privacy Regulation and Governance Compliance


Capture, Manage, Deliver

Capture, manage and deliver content created through business processes into content-centric applications to automate compliance and reduce risk.


Secure, Redact, Retain

High scaling repository encrypts content at rest - providing granular redaction and retention rules for compliance with corporate governance and privacy regulations.



Define policies with common design tool, initiate workflows for content processes and automate records retention.


Process and Content on Any Device


UI Models

Wide range of UI models for common user interface requirements.



‘Connect as needed’ approach.



Role-based portal dashboards make work easier and create transparency across the enterprise.



Information Access Across All Processes and Applications


Integration Model

Rapid low-code connection of information resources - processes and applications - update systems with data collected for unified view.


Connector Library

Robust library of integrations, spanning most applications and data sources.


Extensible Model

Integrations to proprietary systems provides easy direct connection to valuable internal resources and systems.


Faster Time to Value


SaaS Infrastructure

Immediate cloud provisioning - IT developers, business users and designers - for rapid ramp up and response to market needs.


High Performance Cloud

Cloud services that scale automatically to meet rising demand for content storage and usage.


Subscription Pricing

Pricing strategy that scales as need and deployment grows - providing time and cost savings.


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