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Monitoring and Management of IBM z/OS

ASG-TMON for z/OS is a dynamic solution for monitoring every area of IBM's z/OS operating system across every partition in your enterprise.

It provides real-time performance information on important software and hardware resources and long-term online data for after the fact analysis of resource usage trends, service levels, I/O contention, job delays, exceptions, and more. It is designed specifically for systems programmers, performance analysts, application tuners, and operations personnel, and it includes powerful exception processing and productivity-enhancing utilities.

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    • Detailed day-of-week and time-of-day sensitive exception monitoring that automatically issues operator messages and JES2 commands
    • Detailed XCF activity in Sysplex environments
    • Delay analysis for site and SRM-defined workloads, which identify factors impacting performance of jobs, started tasks, and TSO sessions
    • Identification of jobs and I/O bottlenecks causing data set contention
    • Monitors TSO response time at the period level
    • Instruction-level traces to help identify looping jobs and inefficient code
    • Validation of effectiveness of storage isolation parameter changes
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    • Monitors z/OS performance in real time across your enterprise
    • Stores short- and long-term performance data online, collected and summarized to your needs
    • Focuses access of long-term data using powerful filtering criteria so that you can easily find “after-the-fact” job delays and I/O contention
    • Exploits zIIP processing, reducing product costs
    • Provides subcapacity MSU forecasting to help monitor and avoid cap breaches causing cost overruns
    • Integrated with IBM’s Health Checker for fast problem analysis and resolution