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Monitoring and Management of IBM TM/DB on z/OS

ASG-TMON for IMS helps data center managers, data base administrators, and system programmers effectively reduce costly application downtime by quickly identifying, responding to, and resolving IMS system, database and application problems.

The solution improves overall IMS availability by proactively managing IMS applications and critical IMS resources, providing the needed insight to solve complex IMS system, transaction and database problems, and resulting in optimized end-user response times and performance.

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    • Provides seamless integration with relevant information in other ASG-TMON products for faster and easier problem resolution
    • Single view of IMS across the enterprise including critical information needed for tuning/debugging IMS systems/applications
    • Identifies and resolves performance issues before outages occur
    • Tracks transaction statistics from ASG-TMON for CICS to ASG-TMON for IMS
    • Establishes the thresholds that trigger electronic, audible, and visual advance warnings, enabling automated actions
    • Monitor and manage enterprise health through a GUI from the Enterprise Console of ASG-NaviPlex
    • Provides online and batch reporting on z/OS for all TMON products through a common reporting tool
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    • Improves business application availability
    • Provides real-time and historical performance monitoring for problem resolution and performance analysis
    • Isolates problems, rapidly expediting problem remediation
    • Monitors and manages by exception, and offers alerts, actions, and messages improving mean time to resolution
    • All inclusive, providing robust application and performance analysis tools along with a common TMON batch reporting tool
    • Integrated with the ASG-NaviPlex-centralized GUI console for an enterprise view, reports and actions across the enterprise
    • Reduces costly human resource time spent on installation and maintenance