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For Optimizing the Performance of Your Windows IT Infrastructure

With the ASG-TMON Performance Analyzer (PA) for Windows solution deployed across your enterprise, you create a common language to optimize the performance of your Windows IT infrastructure.

The automation of monitoring and reporting provided by ASG-TMON PA saves time and effort, freeing your IT staff to focus on higher level planning and management work. The informed and timely analysis of Windows infrastructure at the enterprise level enables IT to become a contributing partner in identifying, establishing and achieving strategic business goals and objectives. And, if you deploy ASG-TMON PA for your other platforms, you will receive visibility to improve system performance across your entire IT infrastructure while minimizing the risk of adversely impacting users.

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    • Discover, aggregate and manage all Windows environment performance data
    • View discovered metrics graphically
    • Identify and resolve existing or potential bottlenecks that could interrupt service
    • Proactively manage capacity to avoid insufficient service availability and under-utilization of resources
    • Automate collection and reporting of the immense volume of Windows performance data
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    • Frees your IT staff to focus on higher level planning and management
    • Manage Windows enterprise-wide regardless of platform or geographic location
    • Fast ROI via hardware, software licensing, and operational cost savings
    • Save time with fully automated analysis, reporting, and integrated web publishing for total control and visibility
    • No guesswork capacity management and operational budgeting
    • Includes automatic analysis of popular applications such as Exchange, IIS, SQL Server, .NET, Active Directory, SNA Server, Terminal Services, Microstrategy and more
    • Eliminate Windows bottlenecks before they impact users with real-time access to Windows counters and availability alerts
    • Single point of control over multiple systems and thousands of servers