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For Discovery, Analysis, Planning, Consolidation, Implementation, Monitoring, and Management of VMware Environments

The TMON Performance Analyzer (PA) product for VMware combines agentless data collection with powerful modeling capabilities to aid system administrators with discovery, analysis, planning, consolidation, implementation, monitoring, and management of VMware environments.

ASG-TMON PA for VMware, complemented with ASG-TMON PA for Windows and/or ASG-TMON PA for Linux, provides a total view of an ESX server, its virtual machines, and the details of what is happening within each virtual machine, such as process-level resource consumption and disk space utilization for each logical disk or file system.

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    • Manage the complete virtualization lifecycle from discovery of all environments to management of each environment
    • Achieve total visibility of all virtual machines, including CPU, memory, disk, and network resource consumption and disk space utilization
    • Manage virtualization candidate selection and deployment through decommissioning
    • Proactively and easily plan seamless physical to virtual (P2V) transitions; Identify the best physical servers to virtualize
    • View performance metrics graphically across your entire infrastructure.
    • Effectively manage your long-term virtualization plans
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    • Non-intrusive, low-overhead architecture requiring no agents and full cluster support
    • Ability to collect data through VirtualCenter, moving the already low overhead off of the ESX Server
    • High scalability, allows central management of thousands of physical and virtual systems
    • Modeling provides “what if” capabilities for consolidating physical to virtual images, moving virtual machines between hosts, and making changes to existing configurations
    • Centralized control drastically reduces administrative overhead and human error
    • Built-in analysis and reporting for all VMware ESX metrics