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Optimize Operational Business Process Flows with Modern Workload Automation

Automate and optimize your operational business process flows with modern, multi-platform workload automation that enables operations teams to design, visualize and automate IT processes and tasks.

ASG-Zena for Multi-Platform Workload Automation

ASG-Zena is an advanced workload automation solution easily deployed with Docker containers for operations environments in your hybrid IT infrastructure. It offers true multi-platform capabilities that enable you to manage complex business process flows spanning mainframe to cloud from a single console with graphical whiteboarding for process design and execution.

ASG-Zena Benefits

Improve Operational Excellence

Optimize business process flows with advanced workload automation that reduces manual intervention, system downtime and processing errors

Increase Productivity and Scalability

Easily define IT processes and tasks once and execute infinitely, freeing up personnel to focus on more value-added work

Reduce Operational Complexity

Simplify the management of complex cross-platform processes and make it easier to manage challenging hybrid IT operations environments

Ensure High Process Completion Rates

Reliably automate complex processes to ensure predictable IT operations with high completion rates with results that are repeatable, reliable and error-free

Reduce Operational IT Costs

Reduce the ongoing total cost of ownership associated with workload automation and enterprise application processing

Achieve True Multi-Platform Workload Automation with ASG-Zena

ASG-Zena Capabilities

Automate End-to-End Operations

Use event-based or time and date-based automation to manage integrated business processes and workloads spanning mainframe to cloud

Design and Visualize Business Process Flows

Design and visualize integrated business process flows with graphical process whiteboarding, including reusable templates

Control Concurrent Processes

Avoid system bottlenecks and control whether processes and tasks can run concurrently through the provision and assignment of logical resources

Modernize and Manage Job Scheduling

Leverage advanced cross-platform job scheduling capabilities like calendars, actions and dependencies from a single console, with the ability to also replace outdated schedulers on IBM zSystems

Streamline and Analyze Operations

Simplify process automation rules and scheduling and ensure success with customizable analytics and reporting views on process throughput, completion and more

Datasheet: ASG-Zena

Modern Multi-Platform Workload Automation

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