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For Extending the Power of ASG-Zeke to the Enterprise

ASG-Zeke Agents allow scheduling on distributed platforms from the ASG-Zeke mainframe scheduler. Jobs that run on platforms such as UNIX®, Microsoft Windows, and AS/400 platforms would be defined, managed, and controlled from ASG-Zeke — just like mainframe jobs. This allows the capability for leveraging existing Zeke skill sets and insulates the need to be a platform expert by focusing on scheduling tasks.

ASG-Zeke Agents extend traditional mainframe scheduling capabilities to distributed platforms while retaining a mainframe-centric control point. You leverage existing ASG-Zeke skill sets, and eliminate the requirement for multiple platform expertise. Centralized control and monitoring ensure operators focus on scheduling tasks rather than individual system management tasks. Using ASG-Zeke Agents you achieve a single, integrated workload management solution across your heterogeneous environment, and can define, schedule, execute, monitor, and manage batch workload and software changes using the same methodology – regardless of the vagaries of the target platform. In addition to enabling control and monitoring from any ASG-Zeke manager, ASG-Zeke Agents allow users to issue commands back to the ASG-Zeke manager to execute work on other agent machines. This bi-directional line of communication allows users to build extremely flexible job applications.

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    • Cross-platform automation.
    • Platform support: IBM AIX, HP-UX, SUN Solaris/SUN OS, DEC UNIX, Windows, and AS/400.
    • Workload balancing functionality.
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    • All workload controlled from ASG-Zeke “Scheduleview.”
    • TCP/IP and SNA connectivity.
    • Limited disk and memory requirements.
    • Cross-platform triggering capabilities.

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