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Automated Process Rerun Management

ASG-Zebb is an automated restart system that monitors jobs on one or multiple mainframe computers. It evaluates and logs the execution steps within jobs and provides automated restart and recovery capabilities.

ASG-Zebb is a comprehensive automated process rerun management system that improves productivity in data centers by reducing manual tasks that are required to restart or rerun jobs. All Zebb features and capabilities are accessible from ASG-OpsCentral. ASG-Zebb handles reruns automatically with precision and accuracy, all without changes or modifications to Job Control Language (JCL). This industry-exclusive capability allows accurate reruns of previous jobs regardless of whether or not that job occurred several days, or several cycles, ago. By eliminating manual intervention, ASG-Zebb ensures that jobs will use correct datasets and will be completed virtually error-free.

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    • Improves productivity by automating and streamlining restarts
    • Prevents common data set errors
    • Protects system-critical data sets
    • Features unsurpassed generation data group handling
    • Tracks error causes, including restart tracking, reload and recovery of jobs, and execution statistics
    • Provides simulated views of jobs for online approval prior to rerun
    • Makes operations seamless by eliminating service interruptions caused by archival or database backups
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    • Features industry exclusive generational restart capabilities that allow automatic reruns of previous jobs
    • Submits and restarts jobs through seamless integration with ASG-Zeke to provide extended control of processing
    • Recognizes automatically that abended jobs are being rerun, provides users with precise information, and then restarts at the most logical and efficient point
    • Provides a full-screen online system with complete user control over restart definitions and operations
    • Maintains a duplicate, secondary (vault) database and uses its local electronic vaulting services to perform quick restarts, avoiding the need to perform database recoveries or backup routines if DASD or CPU failure occurs

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