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For Automating Job Planning, Scheduling, and Monitoring

ASG-Cortex-Plan provides job scheduling services that simplify application definition, maximize z/OS® resources, and streamline workload execution, thus enabling unattended operations. Extracting job scheduling information from descriptions stored in the production database, ASG-Cortex-Plan is a sophisticated z/OS scheduler that plans, schedules, submits, and monitors DP production. 

When problems arise, ASG-Cortex-Plan solves them automatically. After planning and designing strategies that meet your production requirements and a relatively short installation and implementation period, ASG-Cortex-Plan’s scheduling strategy ensures continuity of teleprocessing (TP) by giving it top priority. Also, the menu structure is logical and intuitive, planning is simple, and ASG-Cortex-Plan offers a complete set of strategies for postponed jobs and recovering abends without altering processing or files.

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    • Offers easy job planning and an intuitive menu structure
    • Functions simultaneously with multiple Cortex-Plans and can manage production on heterogeneous systems
    • Works with ASG-Cortex-Pdb and extracts job dependencies and resources from the production database to minimize job description
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    • Gives top priority to teleprocessing and enables it to start and stop automatically.
    • Offers strategies for postponed jobs and recovering abends without altering processing or files
    • Enables unattended operations, frees up manpower, and increases productivity beyond that of human operators

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