Advanced JCL Validation and Integrity

ASG-PRO/JCL is a DevOps enabled JCL management solution. It helps mainframe data centers achieve and operate a production Job Control Language (JCL) environment that is error-free, standardized, and optimized.

Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency: Eliminate Re-Running Production Jobs

The complexity of today's IT environment produces dynamic challenges. Moving to DevOps with continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) drives more efficiency. Efficiency and standardization initiatives coupled with legacy modernization projects demand automation tools that are powerful yet easy-to-use. ASG-PRO/JCL increases throughput and reduces costs by creating an error-free, standardized, and optimized ecosystem.

The powerful REXX APIs also facilitate detailed analysis of the JCL and the necessary changes to standardize, convert, or clean the libraries. Developers can use their preferred IDE including ISPF,  Eclipse, BMC Compuware Topaz® Workbench, IBM IDz, or VS Code. In addition, the RESTful web services provide an open interface for automation within your CI/CD pipeline to bring efficiency to production JCL changes.

ASG-PRO/JCL Benefits

Save Valuable Developer Time

Manage JCL directly within your users’ favorite IDE for seamless DevOps integration and increase your capacity to add value to the business

Improve CI/CD Automation    

Integrate directly with the ASG-PRO/JCL RESTful web service API for JCL validation

Eliminate Human Error and Waster Time

Automate JCL standards enforcement across the entire JCL lifecycle

Enhance Accuracy with Scheduler Integrations

Increase scanning accuracy with scheduler integrations, such as ASG-Zeke, ESP, Control-M, and others

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ASG-PRO/JCL Capabilities

Eliminate re-running of production mainframe jobs and reduce costs

Meet service level agreements more reliably and increase customer satisfaction and revenue

Enforce site standards for easier maintenance and reliability

Include JCL management in the DevOps toolchain and reduce the time and cost of maintaining well-formed production JCL

DataSheet: ASG-PRO/JCL for Advanced Production JCL Management

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