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Comprehensive Production JCL Management

ASG-JOB/SCAN® is a full-featured and easy-to-use solution for managing job control language (JCL) on the mainframe. It offers standard capabilities for managing JCL in single-system sysplex z/OS environments, while ASG-PRO/JCL offers more advanced JCL management capabilities and supports more complex z/OS environments.

ASG-JOB/SCAN with DevOps Enablement

In addition to providing core JCL management capabilities, ASG-JOB/SCAN also offers optional DevOps enablement to support enterprises running DevOps and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) initiatives.

Adding DevOps enablement to ASG-JOB/SCAN gives developers more flexibility and capabilities beyond traditional JCL management in an ISPF interface. ASG-JOB/SCAN’s Eclipse plugin enables developers to manage JCL within modern integrated development environments (IDE) like Compuware Topaz® Workbench and IBM IDz. DevOps enablement also provides ASG-JOB/SCAN with a RESTful web services API that enables integration with automation solutions like Jenkins.


Simplify JCL Management

Reduce the complexity of JCL management through DevOps interfaces and integrations

Improve Developer Productivity

Automate critical aspects of JCL management to reduce manual effort

Reduce Errors, Improve Quality

Simulate the z/OS operating system and detect production JCL errors before execution

Reduce Costs, Improve SLAs

Eliminate costly reruns and meet service level agreements (SLAs) more reliably

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ASG-JOB/SCAN Capabilities

Enable DevOps

Include JCL management in DevOps toolchains through leading Eclipse IDEs


Integrate with CI/CD solutions for increased automation, and interface and integrate with schedulers and automation solutions from ASG and other vendors

Interface with Data Center Solutions

Interface with library management, tape management, change control, scheduling, security and other products

Automate JCL Changes

Make global or selective changes to an entire production environment for improved consistency

Automate JCL Standards Enforcement

Automatically enforce site-specific standards for improved compliance

Reformat JCL

Reformat JCL statements according to user specifications

Simulate z/OS

Detect central syntax and run-time JCL errors, including Db2 and IMS

Use the Right JCL Management Tool For Your IBM Z/OS Mainframe Environment

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Comprehensive Production JCL Management

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