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Automated Tape Management

ASG-Zara is a cost-effective, online media management system. Zara secures, audits, and monitors valuable IT data in an mainframe environment, while providing real-time access to tape management data.

ASG-Zara provides easy-to-use formatted screens, simple operator commands, and online options for customizing the system. ASG-Zara tracks all dataset contents on a volume, determines tape status, and performs its own database maintenance. Other features include transient tape support, SAF security, optional SMP/E support, alphanumeric volser support, peer-to-peer communication with silo devices, electronic vaulting support, real-time off-site storage management, and external label printing. ASG-Zara tracks the physical location and contents of every volume, whether in the data center or off-site, and provides this information through online displays and hard copy reports.

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    • Protects your important tapes and data from untimely expiration or costly overwrites
    • Tracks the physical location and status of every volume in your library, including transient and off-site tapes
    • Ensures that the most current versions of your critical data are safely backed-up and stored offsite
    • Supplies Operations with a well documented, easy-to-follow audit trail of all tape activities
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    • Comprehensive,online, real-time data access and updates
    • Transient tape management increases your control
    • Easy online definition of retention values with no JCL changes
    • Maximum flexibility with multiple CPU or mainframe environment support
    • Direct communication improves ATL operational efficiency
    • Open application program interface (API) ensures system integration
    • Export and import services provide versatile administrative data management

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