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A robust fault diagnosis and dump management solution

ASG-SmartScope supports application availability in z/OS® environments by automating the complex, error-prone processes of managing dumps and analyzing, diagnosing, and resolving batch and online application and system failures, or abends.

ASG-SmartScope uses dumps as input and provides an online, interactive viewing facility that is easy to understand and illustrates the cause of failure. In most cases ASG-SmartScope can display the actual failing statement within the application’s source code. With this information, and ASG-SmartScope’s notification capabilities, the user is able to quickly identify and resolve the cause of a program error.

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    • Quick scope report and quick access menu allow application programmers to quickly pinpoint application errors
    • Flexible dump capture, dump rendering, and dump management options
    • Fault alert feature offers variety of ways to report problems
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    • High-performance, scalable architecture that avoids system bottlenecks by performing an outside-of-task caching of dump data
    • Innovative architecture provides fast, consistent capture and rendering of dump data
    • Intelligent dump data analysis features make the most difficult, invisible application errors, visible