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For CA-IDMS Data Distribution

ASG-Replication Suite makes virtually any relational database a “home away from home” for mainframe CA-IDMS data. It permits IDMS data to be synchronously replicated from a legacy database and distributed to virtually any combination of relational databases, regardless of the platform or location.

The ASG-Replication Suite maps a CA-IDMS database to a relational set of tables using a windows GUI tool, defines the relational tables, and then extracts the data from IDMS and loads it in to a relational target database, either on z/OS or off-platform to any SQL database (i.e. DB2, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, IDMS-R, etc.). The target database can then be maintained (kept up to date with the source IDMS database) by reloading or using IDMS journal-based change only replication with a frequency from 15 minutes to daily or weekly. There is also a real-time option which allows for sub-second source to target latency. The ASG-Replication Suite enables data to be distributed selectively from IDMS for use by Web-enabled, client/server, desktop, mobile, or mainframe applications via a comprehensive set of tools. It is the premier single-vendor solution for fast, automated, reliable data replication.

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    • Maps the IDMS network environment to a fully functional relational environment
    • Loads, updates, and transforms data into more than 80 different formats
    • Performs initial table loads, regardless of the Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)
    • Provides enterprise replication to any number of target RDBMS on any number of platforms, eliminating the cost of buying separate tools for Sybase®, Oracle®, MS SQL®, etc
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    • Provides consistent data in the target tables at all times
    • Transforms, cleanses, and reformats data through user supplied exits
    • Provides transparent data conversion from IDMS to target table types