Continuous Data Monitoring and Analysis for Policy-Driven Results

Audit & Analytics Services helps organizations improve operational performance, strengthen internal controls, reduce occupational fraud and comply with regulations by automating business audit and reconciliation rules in line with policies.

Audit & Analytics Services continuously scans corporate information regardless of type, source and volume to detect, analyze and prevent data discrepancies. It compares and validates unstructured data and content with the corresponding information found in structured reports, invoices, customer statements and other documents - ensuring data integrity exists between systems, spreadsheets and sources of information.

Audit & Analytics Services Benefits

Achieve Fast Time to Value

Deploy instantly with Docker for high scalability in the cloud

Increase Productivity by Automating Processes

Automate labor intensive, error prone, manual reconciliation processes

Comply with Regulations and Governance Audits

Perform continuous audits to identify discrepancies and aid compliance with financial and other regulations

Drive the Business with Data Driven Insights

Turn data into actionable insights to mitigate risks, improve operational effectiveness and drive customer acquisition

Low Code for Rapid Time to Value

Rapidly digitize business processes through ready to use templates and commands

Enterprise Class Scalability

Robust, scalable platform to reliably process enterprise grade workloads

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Audit & Analytics Services Capabilities

Modernized Infrastructure Deployment

Uses Docker for fast and simple containerized deployments

Define Business Rules

Provides a low code, modern, comprehensive graphical user interface to define, test and deploy business rules

Automate Audit Rules

Empowers organizations to find and correct inaccurate information to reduce costs and time associated with manual data-gathering tasks

Ensure Data Quality

Business rules driven enforcement of data quality by reformatting, enriching and validating data for integrity

Federate Data Sources

Web services connects, federates and extracts data regardless of size, format, volume or platform

Analyze and Visualize Data

Built-in data visualization and flexibility to integrate with tools like Tableau and Qlik to visually analyze data

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Continuous auditing and analytics has a significant impact on information governance. 

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