ASG-Cypress Suite

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Document Output, Print and Customer Communications Management

The ASG-Cypress® Suite is a modular content management system for ingesting, assembling, integrating, delivering, and storing documents.  It enhances the management, accessibility, analysis, and output of content within and outside the enterprise.

It creates a unified document output, print and customer communication management solution for an entire enterprise. It eliminates barriers that prevent organizations from having an ideal state of knowledge about its content and how it is managed. The ASG-Cypress Suite’s common architecture allows information to flow between disparate applications and information technologies, just as if they were designed to work together. These unique capabilities give users and business processes straightforward and painless access to information as needed, without the limitations imposed by multiple platforms, operating systems, file systems, applications, and devices.


ASG-Cypress streamlines output and print processing, while permitting the storage and archiving of documents, incorporating:
  • Report Distribution

    Identifies, splits, bundles, and delivers information from reports, documents or scanned images to the right location.

  • Document Composition

    Produces dynamic, on-demand documents that require “letter quality” composition and layout control.

  • Forms Management and Document Enhancement

    Creates electronic forms overlays for documents using any Windows-based application.

  • Web and Enterprise Document Delivery

    Makes documents and reports available immediately and securely from Web browsers while preserving document integrity.

  • Archive, Search, and Retrieval

    View and use the content contained in any document created by the business, regardless of the source

  • Imaging

    Facilitates high and low volume scanning, import of digital images, inbound/outbound faxing.

  • Data Mining and Analysis

    Provides production-class data mining so massive reports can be filtered, sorted, summarized, and transformed.


The ASG-Cypress Suite enables:
  • Enhanced Security

    Parse, bundle, and distribute content based on user security privileges.

  • Cost Reduction

    Modular; use only the modules needed for your environment.

  • Reduced Complexity

    Provides electronic forms, imaging, report distribution and output management in one coordinated solution.

  • Content Integration

    Captures and stores any content, regardless of the format, application, or environment in which it was created.

  • Process Efficiency

    Enhances the management, accessibility, analysis, and distribution of content.

  • Process Optimization

    Production-class workflow design and execution to support ad-hoc and system-automated work steps, activities, and processes.

  • Compliance

    Long- or short-term secured content storage that is searchable and accessible based on user security permissions.

ASG-Cypress enabled us to save over $1.5 million per year in reduced printing and archival costs, and to streamline our batch printing and distribution processes.

Tod Simons, UPHS Entity Chief Information Officer