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Support Plan Options


Tiered Levels and Proactive Engagement


ASG offers three levels of customer support so every customer has the coverage they need, when they need it most:

  • Standard Support: Targeted at the most self-sufficient customers
  • Enhanced Support: For customers that need higher level of engagement and access to the Customer Care Team
  • Premium Support: For customers with large complex implementations that need a personalized Named Account Support Engineer (NASE)

The Enhanced and Premium packages include assistance in installation, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrading, and disposal of product.

ASG offers a recommended additional customer care service, the Customer Success Manager (CSM). The Customer Success Manager provides proactive support from onboarding through the sustained use of ASG solutions.

Support Models At-A-Glance:

ASG Customer Care Standard Enhanced Premium
Self-Enabled Support (KBs/Articles/Documentation, Self-Training Videos) 24x7 24x7 24x7
Access to Community 24x7 24x7 24x7
Technical Support (Phone, Email, Chat) 24x5 24x7 (Severity Level 1 only) 24x7
Technical Guidance for Product Updates / Upgrades & Patches  
Response SLAs by Severity: 
(1=Critical, 2=Major, 3=Minor, 4=Request)
1 <30 minutes
2 < 2 hours
3 < 4 hours
4 < 8 hours
1 <30 minutes
2 < 2 hours
3 < 4 hours
4 < 8 hours
1 <30 minutes
2 < 30 minutes
3 < 4 hours
4 < 8 hours
Access to Beta Software (Not obligated to Ts & Cs of Beta Program, Receive copy of Beta Program Report)    
Named Account Support Engineer (NASE)    
Quarterly Access to Product Management    


Customer Success Manager

The Customer Success Manager helps ASG customers get the most from their investment by providing advice on best practices, implementation guidance and access to ASG subject matter experts. Through regular meetings and reviews, Customer Success Managers help identify and monitor key success metrics to ensure customers get maximum value out of their ASG investment.
The CSM provides dedicated communication on:

  • Product Implementation
  • Escalations
  • Support Ticket Resolution.
Service Offering Details
Onboarding Support Gives customers proactive support during onboarding to provide the shortest path to value and ROI.
Account Escalations Gains knowledge and perspective on customer environments and goals to help facilitate escalations. Provides a direct line to communicate updates on support tickets.
Timely Updates  Keeps customers up to date on information relevant to the status of their operation of ASG software including new documentation, best practices, updates and fixes.
Customer Advocacy Ensures feedback is shared with appropriate ASG teams and responded to in a timely manner.

A Customer Success Manager can be added to any support level. A Customer Success Manager is only available for specific ASG products. For more information, please contact your ASG Account Executive.