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Introduction to using ASG FTP servers

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ASG has a number of FTP servers intended to be used by customers to upload documentation related to ASG product issues and to download files that may provide remediation or assistance for these issues. ASG FTP servers offer standard and/or secure FTP file transfer and the server you should use will depend on your requirements and the nature of the files to be transferred.

Use one of the following FTP servers for issues related to ASG z/OS products.
  • for standard transfer of z/OS files, server hosted on z/OS
  • for secure transfer of z/OS files, server hosted on z/OS

Click ASG FTP for z/OS for complete details.

Use the following FTP server for issues related to ASG products for all other platforms (for example, Windows, UNIX and non-z/OS Mainframe).

  • for standard or secure transfer, server hosted on Windows

Click ASG FTP for Windows, UNIX and non-z/OS Mainframe for complete details.