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From Program Planning to Quick Fixes, ASG Helps You Get the Most Value from Your Investments

You measure the success of your software, hardware and data programs in terms of ease of use, customer satisfaction and your path to profitability. ASG measures our success by the same yard stick—in terms of your happiness.

Your satisfaction determines our success. Professional Services and Customer Support enable that success.

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Improvement Where You Need It

ASG solutions better enable your organization to satisfy clients and make your business more successful. You will be able to measure and achieve necessary service level agreements and improve relevant key performance indicators.

Our expert service professionals offer the level of support you need – from high-touch consulting to full support partnerships – ASG can help you improve employee productivity, strengthen individualized customer relationships and achieve long-term profitability.

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Professional Services

The primary objective of ASG's Professional Services team is to assist you in achieving self-sufficient, productive use of ASG solutions. Accelerate your deployment and optimize your implementation with ASG Professional Services. We have staff experienced in providing education and training, consulting, conversion, and integration services on an as-needed basis worldwide.

Our proven methodologies and experience with best practices ensure rapid, successful deployment of ASG's comprehensive portfolio of IT solutions across your enterprise

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Increase Solution Performance with Continuous Support

Customer Support

Your program needs will evolve over time. You need support options that evolve with you. You can design the support levels that meet your needs.

Support offices are strategically located around the globe, serving diverse customers efficiently. You can access responsive, quality support any time, day or night.

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