Success Stories

SEI Investments Company

SEI Investments Company Uses ASG Content Services to Reduce Costs and Risks While Enabling Federation and High-Volume Deliver

Discover how ASG’s Content Services provides millions of investors access to SharePoint content.

Private U.S. University Automates Invoice Processing with ASG Conte...

Private U.S. University Automates Invoice Processing with ASG Content Services (Mobius)

Discover how a Private U.S. University's Accounts Payable department streamlines invoicing to reduce costs, improve service and reach compliance. 

Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Company’s increased sales by 50% in ...

Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Company’s increased sales by 50% in 6 months with ASG’s Mobile First Process Solution

Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Company (RNLIC) is one of the largest Life Insurers in India – providing coverage to over 10 million people. Learn how they deployed ASG’s mobile first process solution to accelerate their growth while increasing sales effectiveness and productivity.

Clemson University Leverages ASG's Content Services Platform for Re...

Clemson University Leverages ASG's Content Services Platform for Reporting

Discover how ASG’s Content Services Platform helps Clemson University manage the claims of 1.2 million South Carolina constituents that enroll in Medicaid each fiscal year.

Oney controls mainframe costs and improves productivity

Oney controls mainframe costs and improves productivity

Learn how Oney, a bank specializing in the development of innovative payment solutions, relies on ASG Data Intelligence to deliver a single source of data and enable their IT team to make more informed decisions about the company’s application portfolio.

American Fidelity Assurance (Summary)

American Fidelity Assurance Gets Smart with Data

ASG Data Intelligence Delivers Actionable Insights to Drive Business Value

Raley’s Supports Business Growth With ASG-Zena

Raley’s Supports Business Growth with ASG-Zena

Raley’s relies on Zena to aggregate hundreds of thousands of tasks into logical processes, streamlining application execution.

Orlando Health

Orlando Health Expands Use of ASG-Cypress for Tamper-Resistant Paper Prescriptions

Orlando Health particularly valued using expanded capabilities of an existing, installed solution to resolve their challenge—instead of starting from scratch. With ASG’s support and a superior solution, Orlando Health felt confident in rolling out the ASG-Cypress prescription print management solution to its physician alliance community.


NORD/LB Document Critical Data Elements and Improve Compliance Efforts with ASG Data Intelligence

Norddeutsche Landesbank Girozentrale (NORD/LB), one of Germany’s largest commercial, state-owned banks, leverages Data Intelligence to document critical data elements, improve compliance efforts and centralize maintenance costs. Discover how the bank saved time and cost with ASG’s data lineage and analysis processes.


Postbank Achieves Scalable Archiving for 13 Million Banking Customers in Germany with Mobius Content Services Platform

Postbank, one of Germany’s largest and best known financial services providers, runs data-dependent core banking operations and compliance with ASG Mobius Content Services Platform.  Find out how Postbank is able to archive 200 terabytes of critical business and customer data independent of the originating application.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual Securely Moves Content Management to the Cloud with ASG Mobius Content Services Platform

Liberty Mutual, a diversified global insurer and the second largest property and casualty insurer in the US, manages more than 1 billion documents in the cloud with ASG Mobius Content Services Platform. Learn how they gained greater control over archival, distribution, access and integration of all of the content in the organization.

Top 5 US Bank

Top 5 US Bank Finds New Value from Data Lineage Applications with ASG Data Intelligence

One of the top 5 US banks saved hundreds of thousands of dollars with an 80-fold efficiency improvement from manual data lineage and analysis processes.  Discover how they met compliance demands and enabled migration projects using ASG Data Intelligence.

Fraternidad Mupresa

Fraternidad Muprespa Improves Operational Automation and Reduces Batch Errors with ASG Zena

Fraternidad Muprespa, a Spanish insurer with 2,000 employees, was faced with increasingly complex manual batch processes that were distributed across multiple groups.  Find out how they achieved significant quality improvement in workload automation with ASG Zena.

Primerica Financial Services

Primerica Financial Services Reduces Operations Costs & Improves Customer Service with ASG TMON

Primerica Financial Services delivers insurance and investment services to 4.3 million lives and relies on ASG TMON for proactive mainframe management to reliably reduce CPU overhead and keep critical services operating.

University of Pennsylvania Health System

University of Pennsylvania Health System Streamlines Archival & Printing Processes with ASG Cypress

University of Pennsylvania Health System saved over $1.5 million per year in reduced printing and archival costs with ASG Cypress while streamlining the network’s batch printing and distribution processes.

Baylor Health Care

Baylor Health Care System Reduces Printing and Reporting Costs by Nearly $500K Annually with ASG Cypress

Baylor Health Care System (now BaylorScott&White) reduced patient waiting time by implementing ASG Cypress for its patient and employee reporting processes and enjoyed immediate savings across every administrative task.