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Rationalizing your systems portfolio with ASG Technologies

Companies looking to achieve peace of mind with their IT systems infrastructure are focusing on cutting costs and reducing excessive spending in their department. To keep budgets in line with value, while also making room to be innovative, isn’t easy for any enterprise. 

ASG works to deliver unmatched business value for our clients’ modern Mainframe Performance Workload and Application Management needs. Our Systems solutions products are helping countless customers around the world to reduce the cost of managing and running their systems landscape.

We simplify the complex day-to-day and longer-range tasks for operations and IT in both the mainframe data center and distributed IT environment. Our solutions significantly increase the ROI from applications assets and improve developer productivity throughout the software lifecycle.


Calculate the Benefits of Rationalizing

Calculator.jpg With the Rationalization Calculator from ASG Technologies, you can calculate the benefits of consolidating your mainframe software portfolio, cutting costs and increasing efficiencies.

Click the calculator on the right and find out how ASG can minimize software maintenance costs and reduce the number of systems vendors through IT rationalization.

For more information on the ASG Systems portfolio, check out the resources below.