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Manage Performance Across Technology Environments

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Monitor the Health of Your Entire Enterprise

Your transaction process systems will let you know what they need and report how they’ve influenced business performance with ASG.

Transaction processing systems such as IBM CICS TS and IMS TM are the back-bone of many IT applications that support business services. It is essential to make sure these transaction systems are enabling the applications to deliver services in a timely manner.

ASG offers a strong performance management product that greatly accelerates troubleshooting time, correlates events that impact business applications, and provides real-time and historical reporting.

ASG-TMON helps your enterprise:

  • Reduces slow response time and downtime by identifying problems affecting application performance
  • Isolate transactional problems and alerts staff quickly
  • Meet the dynamic demands of the dynamic application environment
  • Offers real-time and historical monitoring features for the health of your entire SysPlex enterprise for z/OS
  • Provide rapid problem analysis and resolution

Integrated for Every Environment

ASG’s integrated product enables you to quickly pinpoint the root cause of problems stemming from IBM CICS TS or related environments, which include:

  • CICS Transaction Gateway on z/OS
  • DB2
  • IMS
  • Middleware - MQ
  • Network – TCP/IP, VTAM
  • Webservices
  • Java™ applications

ASG-TMON products for z/OS offer real-time and historical monitoring features for the health of your entire z Systems enterprise. Through the ASG-TMON product suite’s seamless integration, users can drill down to detailed information in related environments and provide rapid problem analysis and resolution.