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Simplify Multi-platform Workload Scheduling and Management to Lower Costs

As today’s dynamic enterprise IT environments increase in complexity, so does the challenge of managing multi-platform workload automation. ASG’s Multi-Platform Workload Automation products help you reduce the complexity in automating processes to minimize risk related to user error.

Multi-Platform Workload Automation enables your enterprise to:

  • Transfer files of any record- or block-sized combination between disparate platforms
  • Get the data where you want it, in the format you want, when you need it
  • Address the data requirements of your automation scenarios
  • Create a business-centric approach to managing the flow of work on multiple systems
  • Respond to business events rapidly and randomly
  • Map out workload processes to service level agreements
  • Allocate resources based on infrastructure status
  • Proactively manage performance
  • Reduce time-to-market on new business functionality and operational costs
Product Components:
  • ASG-Zena for Distributed Workload Management and Process Automation
  • ASG-Zeke for z/OS and VSE Enterprise Workload Scheduling
  • ASG-Zeke Agents for Extending the power of ASG-Zeke to the Enterprise
  • ASG-Zebb for Automated Job Restart/Rerun System
  • ASG-Outbound Enterprise for Multi-Platform Managed File Transfers
  • ASG-OpsCentral for Centralized Management of Enterprise Scheduling Workloads
  • ASG-Cortex for z/OS and Distributed Workload Management