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  • Fraternidad Muprespa

    “The sales team understood our needs and created a proper roadmap in accordance with our specifications. In addition, ASG professional services helped us start the implementation project successfully.”

    Fraternidad Muprespa

  • American Fidelity

    “We had a vision and a desire to start transforming our data, and we needed the right technology to help us bring it to life,” said Mark Nance, Chief Data Officer at American Fidelity. “With ASG’s Data Intelligence, we’re able to better utilize the data sets we have throughout the enterprise, ensuring we can deliver business value through data. ”

    American Fidelity

  • Reliance Nippon Life Insurance

    “Deploying ASG’s mobile first process solution accelerated Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Company’s growth while increasing sales effectiveness and productivity.”

    Reliance Nippon Life Insurance

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