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Reference Data Management

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Fully-integrated, metadata-based Reference Data Management solution

Rely on a governed and controlled masterview of your business’s reference data with Reference Data Management. You’ll gain a comprehensive solution to consolidate, cleanse, govern, and distribute key reference data across the enterprise. Reference Data Management enables you to maintain a consistent representation of reference data across all departments and databases in your organization, and externally. It allows collaboration between IT and business users to manage internal data in one centralized place, and to facilitate the distribution of changes in data to all systems requiring notification, on customized terms and schedules.

  • Collects reference data from diverse sources across the enterprise.
  • Creates, manages, and shares the master repository of business reference data.
  • Groups master reference data into concepts and contexts that truly represent your business.
  • Enables the linkage of reference data to business terms/definitions.
  • Identifies poor quality reference data for decision to reject, tolerate, or accept as part of master repository.
  • Exports governed reference data for consumption by downstream applications.

Master Your Reference Data in a Single Place

You’ll find a complete, managed framework for mastering business reference data. This framework allows for mastering of multi-level hierarchies and relationships within reference data, and categorization into business concepts and contexts. It also offers a workflow engine so that reference data entities can be managed according to the internal governance process with online submission, approvals, and notifications.

  • Increases Business Efficiency, Productivity, and Growth
  • Provides Single View of Key Business Data
  • Facilitates Data Quality
  • Increases Data Confidence
  • Establishes Data Stewardship
  • Accelerates Data Governance