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See Your Data Risks Before They Become Consequences

Compliance projects are opening a Pandora's box and highlighting that businesses do not know what is happening with their data. If an area is overlooked when changes are made, an operational, management or governance activity could be wrong.

Understand Change Consequences

Understanding what is going to happen before you make changes is critical. With the right tools, businesses can accurately predict the immediate and long-term impact of change across the enterprise, beyond data stores and applications.

Understand Change Consequences

Gain Fact-Driven Foresight

Gain Fact-Driven Foresight

Our unique combination of data lineage and data discovery tools gives businesses the clarity and insight needed to forecast outcomes with confidence. With it, you can accelerate, simplify and improve your understanding of where data came from, how it moves through systems, and how it changes. Our solution delivers a fast accurate view of how your business is really operating.


We have used ASG’s Data Intelligence solution for many years. It’s impressive for its depth of solution – but also because ASG has kept it up-to-date over all those many years.


Dr. Martin Hannemann

Finanz Informatik