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Certified Business Definitions and Terms throughout an Organization

Enable your business analysts and data stewards with powerful data governance: they will create and share a common vocabulary of business terms and definitions with Business Glossary. You can ensure business and IT users have trusted, accurate, corporate-approved they can depend on.

  • Govern, create, and share a common vocabulary of business terms and definitions
  • Provide term-to-term relationships and term-to-physical usage links
  • Provide an integrated linkage to business terms and underling data definitions in your repository and Data Catalog.
  • Enjoy a friendly user interface

Bridge the Silos Separating Your Business

ASG's Business Glossary provides a governed vocabulary that is understood and shared between technical and non-technical communities of interests. It enables business analysts and data stewards to create and share a common vocabulary of business terms and definitions. ASG's Business Glossary ensures that community users always have trusted accurate, corporate-approved information and allows users to search across multiple glossaries and business domains to update their business terms. It enables users to look up business terms and definitions from any desktop application.

  • Enables data analysts, business analysts, and data stewards to create, manage, and share common terms.
  • Eliminates costly confusion with platform for an enterprise’s authoritative vocabulary definition of terms
  • Supports compliance, data governance and stewardship initiatives for efficiency improvements
  • Resolves term differences among subject matter experts, business analysts, and data stewards

Glossary Item Types

Item Type
Business Term A descriptive term for items in the Business Glossary.
Policy A guideline or procedure that is intended to determine or influence certain decisions and actions.
Standard A level of quality considered acceptable or desirable.
Process A sequence of related activities or tasks that are required to achieve a particular goal.
Critical Data Element A data element that is of critical importance or value to an organization. CDEs can refer to the columns, data fields, data files, and tables/views that implement them, to related business terms, and to other business items.
Business rule A statement that defines what is allowed in a particular situation or what is the result of a particular action in an organization.
Other Type You can also create custom types.
Personal Information An elementary item for personal information (e.g., Name, Account ID, etc.) that can be grouped by PI Structure.