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Know Your Data, Know Your Business through Data Discovery and Understanding

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Know Your Data, Know Your Business

Trustable data is key to digital transformation. Complying with data regulation is essential. Do you know enough about how numbers come together, how they change, who uses them, or which data have value to the business and why? Decision makers depend on timely information. Can you provide correct information to the right people at the right time?

RegTech's Best Vendor Solution for Data Governance

Everyone is taking notice of our Data Intelligence solution, including the A-Team Group’s RegTech Awards. These Awards celebrate leading technologies in a variety of areas, including data governance, regulatory compliance and records retention.

RegTech's Best Vendor Solution for Data Governance

The Keys to Data Intelligence

ASG Data Intelligence discovers data in more than 220 traditional and “Big Data” sources, building clear information supply chain models.

Data tagging automated by pattern matching, integration of reference data, and quality metrics provide enriched views to deliver trusted data more quickly and reduce risk in decision making.

The Intelligent Data Architecture provides a new generation open architecture comprising modular/API capabilities enabling the rapid development of Intelligent Data Analyzers. Intelligent Data Analyzers analyze data and metadata so that partners and customers can combine this information for comprehensive data understanding, including detailed automated data lineage.

Dynamic SQL traceability delivers ability to trace data flows across Dynamic SQL environments for Oracle PL/SQL and IBM DB2 UDB.

Automated business lineage allows employees to better know their data so that they know their business on a deeper level.

Out of box reports assist with GDPR compliance including a GDPR inventory dashboard, and a set of reports summarizing Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA).

Enhanced data governance delivers full integration of data discovery and data tracing within both the data lake and traditional data sources.

Reports, dashboards, and impact and lineage analysis allow information to be delivered immediately to data specialists, citizen data scientists and business users to enable actionable insight that can drive business success.

Predefined governance roles and work flows can be customized to your special needs and combined with the information knowledge base. Data Intelligence provides comprehensive Data Governance.

See How Enterprise Data Intelligence Delivers Compliance

  • Learn how ASG Technologies delivers compliance and data lineage transparency in this short demonstration of Enterprise Data Intelligence. You'll see how the solution provides transparent lineage reports and traces critical data as it moves across lines of business.