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ASG-Cypress provides a centralized system for ingesting, assembling, integrating, delivering, and storing documents. Cypress captures any content via the print stream, and then assembles the document into a template for output (print, fax, email, etc.). It enhances the management, accessibility, analysis, and output of content within and outside the enterprise.

ASG-Cypress captures output from all systems and applications, enabling content integration and document output on any device. Cypress allows organizations to:

  • Deliver Web and enterprise documents
  • Enhance management of forms and standard documents
  • Search and retrieve archived documents
  • Provide “driverless” printing capabilities
  • Stabilize output management services to end-users
  • Reduce output management complexity speeds deployment of new printers
  • Capture print streams for organized distribution
Manage Your Document Output to Any Device

Whether you’re printing, faxing, emailing or hosting your documents on the Web, ASG-Cypress’ centralized, integrated and automated document output product streamlines the workload. Manage your storage, archiving, printing and paper usage to enhance your bottom line while increasing control of document delivery and distribution.

ASG-Cypress Allows Your Business to:

  • Integrate effectively with your systems and applications
  • Optimize and manage your print servers
  • Improve your print capture and management processes, reliability and response times
  • Consolidate template-driven documents
  • Reduce paper consumption, complexity and costs

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