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Optimize COBOL Code to Remove Legacy Hurdles

Traditional mainframe systems are valuable assets with unmatched transactional processing capabilities that are critical to many businesses. But the maintenance for these systems has often been marginalized over the past 20 years. You may find today that maintaining your company’s business-critical COBOL applications takes more time and resources than you have. Experienced COBOL developers are exiting the workforce, leaving you with fewer resources and the challenge of attracting and retaining new developers with little or no mainframe experience. COBOL analysis frameworks can help by increasing developer productivity and reducing maintenance expenses through the optimization of legacy COBOL code.

ASG-Existing Systems Workbench

The ASG-Existing Systems Workbench (ESW) suite of tools enables developers to better understand COBOL code and ensure its quality during maintenance activities like changes to design, specifications and code; testing; and documentation.

What You Can Achieve

Increase Developer Productivity

Enable developers to maintain COBOL code with efficiency and accuracy

Ease COBOL Understanding

Enable developers to understand COBOL program logic and data

Improve COBOL Application Maintenance

Ease COBOL code analysis and optimization for developers

Remove Digital Transformation Bottlenecks

Maintain COBOL code quality to ensure a solid bedrock for customer-facing innovation

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What We Enable You To Do

Provide COBOL Program Documentation and Metrics

Improve COBOL Program Understanding

Make Code Changes to COBOL Programs

Test and Debug COBOL Programs

Create Reusable COBOL Components

Automatically Capture COBOL Application Metrics

Understand COBOL Application Change Impacts

Read our ASG-ESW white paper to learn how you can overcome COBOL maintenance challenges.

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