Modernize, Govern and Transform Governance of Your Content

Take a comprehensive, proactive approach to governing content and operationalizing privacy compliance.

Enterprises face increased financial, brand and compliance risks without a proactive approach to governing information, including attesting to CCPA and GDPR compliance. ASG and BigID have teamed up to provide a comprehensive solution to eliminate the lack of visibility and transparency into where sensitive information (PI and PII) resides within documents, content and records. Our solution, Privacy-Aware Content Governance, enables organizations to transform the governance of content and operationalize privacy compliance.

What You Can Achieve

Improve Trust in Information

Take a comprehensive approach to ongoing discovery and governance of both legacy and new documents and records

Reduce Operational Costs

Achieve reductions of between 30% and 50% in governance operational costs by eliminating redundant tools and manual processes

Eliminate Overhead

Scan unstructured information at scale and reduce overhead by 30% or more

Mitigate Compliance Risks

Operationalize and attest to your ability to adhere to governance and compliance mandates

Boost Productivity

Free up resources and automate sensitive content discovery, classification, deletion and redaction

Improve Responsiveness

Eliminate manual steps and lower costs of handling customer removal requests up to 60%

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What We Enable You To Do

Automate PI and PII Discovery

Automate the discovery of sensitive information across repositories and file shares, including Microsoft365, SharePoint and OneDrive

Classify Using AI/ML

Accurately classify sensitive information and determine how PI relates to individuals

Govern Information

Use policy-driven governance & records management services to simplify and apply complex business rules to govern, redact and encrypt enterprise content

Manage Content Lifecycles

Centrally administer time and event-based records management policies meeting stringent security and information privacy regulations

Automate Redaction

Redact sensitive information automatically when sharing it across colloborative working environments, including Microsoft365

Audit and Attest

End to end auditing from discovery to enforcement for access, legal holds and time and event-based retention & disposition

Privacy-Aware Governance: Empowering Trust, Transparency and Transformation

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Ebook: Proactively Mitigate Privacy & Regulatory Risks

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