Discover and Manage All the Privacy Data Your Organization Uses

To keep pace with today’s expanding and evolving data privacy mandates, spreadsheets and annual surveys are simply not sustainable. Perhaps some departments within your organization have well-managed privacy data, but is there really a unified approach? Consider an automated solution that can operationalize data privacy across your enterprise, delivering full transparency of your IT data landscape.

ASG Data Intelligence (ASG DI) scans for metadata across disparate legacy mainframe and modern technologies to report the origins, movement and flow – the lineage – of data. Tag and classify every element of privacy data and connect it to your privacy policies, processes and rules. With ASG DI, teams can collaborate to create a compliant, enterprise-wide culture of privacy by design — while building a foundation of trusted data intelligence to support data-driven insights and digital transformation.

5 Steps to Data Privacy Compliance

Discover and Classify Personal and Sensitive Data (PII)

  • Business Asset Inventory
  • Data Inventory
  • Critical Data Elements (CDEs)

Establish Compliant Business Processes, Policies and Rules

  • Application Onboarding
  • Impact Analysis
  • Issue Management
  • Change Management

Subscribe, Trace and Track PII Through Your Data Lineage Maps

  • Business to Technical Alignment
  • Source Authentication
  • Create a Map to Your Data

Monitor and Track Compliance With Automated Dashboards and Reports

  • Privacy Impact Assessment
  • Dashboards and Reports to Monitor and Track Your PII Program

Establish Data Management Best Practice for Compliance and Data Value

  • Enterprise Collaboration on Data
  • Data Intelligent Framework to Support Data Literacy and Compliance

Learn More About GDPR and CCPA

Key Benefits

Institute a data intelligence framework to support data literacy and compliance

Discover, classify and analyze the risk of PII across the enterprise

Leverage ASG’s Privacy Model to accelerate data privacy across the enterprise

Operationalize data privacy across geographically diverse and evolving regulations

Address PII issues, disclosures and audits quickly with a single view of where PI is located and how it’s being used

Collect metadata from 260 technologies ranging from legacy (mainframe) to modern cloud environments to support today’s complex IT environments

Create an application onboarding process to secure personal data before it’s used

Apply a Glossary of regulations and privacy policies to your data to drive compliance, understanding and trust

Building trust through effective data governance

Building Trust Through Effective Data Governance

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