Build Data Trust with Accelerated Data Governance

You know data has value – but it’s also expensive, and can be risky. Data Governance provides the framework for deciding what data is valuable, and the tools for Information Stewards to manage and ensure the resolution of data-related issues, such as:

  • Managing what data gets created and what it is used for
  • Ensuring the right people get access to the information they need to make business decisions
  • Clarifying misunderstandings about the meaning of data
  • Solving problems with data quality rapidly

Executing and Managing Data Governance

Providing Data Stewards with tools to address data issues and working with data specialists is a central part of data governance. Collaborating with users of data is essential to building data trust. Keeping track of issues and reporting progress closes the circle.

Enterprise Data Intelligence provides all the critical capabilities for Data Governance:

  • Out of the box definition of roles for data users and data stewards and the ability to build more to support custom requirements
  • Predefined extensible review and approval workflows to support the creation and management of business terms and handling of issues
  • Customizable dashboards to organize data issues, status and metrics
  • A flexible business and data model reflecting business policies, processes, rules and data sources, structure, and connections to business terms
  • The ability for data users to flag data issues when viewing business and technical information and data lineage
  • Visibility of Data Quality metrics to accelerate the identification of data problems
  • Logging to support tracking of Data Governance activities and provides support for data audits

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