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For Enterprise-wide Systems Management and Job / Process Management for z/OS and z/VSE

ASG-Zeke is an automated job scheduler that dynamically schedules and dispatches events, and monitors every aspect of your job schedule.

ASG-Zeke provides wide ranging functionality, including system command scheduling, automatic variable calculation and substitution, step-level condition code validation, workload balancing, schedule forecasting and simulation, SAF security, optional SMP/E support, simultaneous support for multiple JCL libraries, electronic vaulting capabilities, pre-built calendars, and other utilities. With the availability of the Zeke Automation Option, simple console automation capabilities can be defined and managed directly from ASG-Zeke. When you add ASG-Zeke Agents, scheduling is extended to all the major platforms, including UNIX, OS/400, Microsoft Windows, VMS, MPE, and Tandem.


  • Optimizes your workload through real-time, logical, and physical resource control to automatically check condition codes at every step and to react in real time

  • Creates schedules, performs backups, and maintains calendars without interrupting service

  • Manages enterprise-wide scheduling

  • Presents all schedule information for every supported platform on a single screen and highlights all exceptions (abends, late jobs, etc.)

  • Supports concurrent schedules within the same job names (versioning)

  • Schedules and manages from one location to an infinite number of systems, across operating systems worldwide or just across the room

  • Provides perpetual calendars that allow you to define dates as far into the future as needed


  • Schedules and submits events at machine speed

  • Responds automatically to messages and continuously monitors every aspect of job schedules

  • Reduces human error by operating with minimal user intervention

  • Improves system efficiency and throughput by checking physical and logical resources before job dispatching

  • Checks step-level condition code through the use of the IBM SMF facility and allows job cancellation based on condition codes

  • Presents schedule information on a single screen and highlights exceptions automatically using the Schedule View feature

  • Features import/export facilities to ease migration across ASG-Zeke for z/OS implementations or to move from test to production environments