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Simplify Multi-Platform Workload Scheduling and Management to Lower Costs

ASG-Z-Team solutions make the most complex and challenging IT environments easier to manage. ASG's solutions help customers eliminate errors, automate processes, and simplify complex day-to-day operational tasks.

ASG-Z-Team solutions enable a business-centric approach to managing the flow of work on multiple systems. By responding to business events rapidly, mapping workload processes to service level agreements, allocating resources based on infrastructure status, and proactively managing performance, it supports an organization's ability to reduce time-to-market on new business functionality and operational costs.


The ASG-Z-Team solutions make the most challenging IT environments easier to manage because of:
  • Centralized workload scheduling

    from whichever platform the customer chooses to work from – mainframe or distributed.

  • Complete visibility of all workload

    with solutions that simplify the complexity and control of Production Operations

  • Comprehensive integrated tools

    which function as a solution rather than a combination of products

  • Global-scale solution for scheduling

    and automating of daily operational jobs, tasks, chores, duties and process across the enterprise

  • Event-driven and time and date-based

    scheduling across multiple platforms and operating environments (Windows, z/OS, UNIX, Linux, AS/400)


  • Automating routine and repetitive tasks

  • Increased operational efficiency

  • Improving productivity

  • Better use of skills

  • Reducing costs and lowering risk

  • No wasted resources chasing errors

  • Automating complex workloads

Improving the quality of our operation, by lowering errors and adding better automation, will have a positive impact on our business, ensuring that business information will be available earlier.

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