ASG-Workload Planner

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for Graphically Presenting Complex Scheduling Details

ASG-Workload Planner gives your data center staff the ability to better understand complex schedules from a variety of mainframe scheduling systems. In addition, it helps your staff forecast future scheduling performance. It takes complex information contained in a scheduling system database and translates it into interactive graphic flowcharts. Forecast information, also collected from the scheduling system, is used to create a series of graphs that predict the performance of scheduled processing.

ASG-Workload Planner provides a comprehensive flowchart of all scheduled jobs. By changing timing information, the addition or removal of jobs to and from a schedule is also modeled. This function allows you to simulate “what-if” scenarios to gauge the impact of changes on batch window processing.


  • Graphically displays peak and slow times in batch windows.

  • Presents schedule flowcharts with a click of a mouse.

  • Enables workload planning for more efficient execution.

  • Interfaces with ASG-Zeke, CA-7, IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler, and most other third-party mainframe scheduling solutions.


  • Provides drill-down, graphic representations of scheduled flows for analysis of scheduled batch windows.

  • Graphically identifies job predecessors and successors.

  • Identifies critical paths for any job in a schedule with a click of a mouse.

  • Quickly and efficiently creates interactive, graphic displays of schedules — ideal for disaster recovery.