ASG-Workload Optimization Suite

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for Comprehensive Workload Analysis and Forecasting

Increasing workloads and complex interdependencies between jobs make monitoring schedules and predicting batch performance difficult. Complex environments require proven solutions to forecast workloads, verify performance, and understand scheduling and Job Control Language (JCL) environments.

ASG Workload Optimization Suite is comprised of ASG-Workload Planner, ASG-Workload Analyzer, and ASG-Workload Mapper™, and addresses all three of these important needs, allowing Production Control, Operations Management, and other data center staff to better manage critical batch processing environments.


  • ASG-Workload Planner

    Reduces data center complexity by providing an easy-to-use, interactive graphical presentation of the information contained in your job scheduling program’s database.

  • ASG-Workload Analyzer

    Offers data centers an innovative, graphical tool to track processing performance.

  • ASG-Workload Mapper

    A knowledge-gathering tool that provides a comprehensive view of IT software assets and interrelationships across the enterprise.


  • Displays a graphical representation of actual processing results.

  • Provides accurate workload performance statistics.

  • Graphical forecast of batch workloads to easily identify processing bottlenecks and workload critical path.

  • Derives detailed workload statistics from other scheduling systems and JCL analysis to provide interrelationship and cross reference data.