ASG-Workload Analyzer

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Precise Workload Analysis

ASG-Workload Anlayzer offers graphical tools that allow you to quickly and precisely track your processing performance.

ASG-Workload Analyzer is a PC-based analysis tool that provides an enterprise with invaluable insight into its batch window processing. It tracks and analyzes processing performance, detects problem areas, and presents an analysis of processing in a graphic format that is easy to understand. ASG-Workload Analyzer is a superb tool for data centers, saving staff from time-consuming data analysis. It displays executed jobs and identifies where jobs were abended or where time was lost. It graphically captures job runtime data from the system management facility, thereby expediting analysis of processing trends, resolving bottlenecks, and improving operational productivity.


  • Provides complete current and post-production analysis.

  • Analyzes all jobs, both scheduled and unscheduled.

  • Graphically identifies long- and short-term trends.

  • Provides extensive, user-definable filtering.

  • Offers the definition of exception-based reporting.

  • Provides service level information in easy-to-understand graphs.

  • Includes an easy-to-use query manager.


  • Offers graphical tools that allow you to quickly and precisely track your processing performance.

  • Allows you to scrutinize, measure effectiveness, recognize problem areas, and do something about the way you handle your data processes.

  • Eliminates wasted time and takes control of how your organization manages its workload.

  • Significantly reduces the amount of time that staffs spend analyzing and resolving errors.

  • Employs a built-in, drill-down analysis approach in which graphical visualizations can be manipulated using the drag-and-zoom feature.

  • Utilizes a comprehensive set of color-coded graphs that represent the results of processing activities for easy analysis.

  • Provides extensive, user-definable filtering for the definition of exception-based reporting that reduces analysis time.