ASG-ViewDirect Repository

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Enterprise Content Storage and Long-Term Archiving

The ASG-ViewDirect Repository is the foundation of the ASG-ViewDirect Suite. It captures, indexes, stores, transforms, and publishes any content from disparate applications, repositories, and platforms in distributed and mainframe environments.

The ASG-ViewDirect Repository functions as both a content storage platform with Web delivery of document-based content and a long-term archive for regulatory compliance. Advanced indexing technology puts content into context by associating it with shared business values. A transformation engine transforms any data stream into the appropriate format for delivery across multiple channels, including printer, fax, email, browser, wireless, tablet and more. By managing content with defined life cycles to ensure accurate storage and long-term archiving, it helps organizations implement information governance to meet corporate policies and regulatory mandates. With its superior architecture, ASG-ViewDirect enables unlimited scalability, flexibility, and interoperability necessary for aggregating and integrating all enterprise content.


The ASG-ViewDirect Repository is the only content management repository that can provide:
  • Enterprise-wide Scaleability

    Supports multiple operating systems and computing environments (Windows, UNIX, LINUX, z/OS), for cost-effective content management.

  • No limits

    Does not impose limits on the number of content items, their size or how many users accessing them.

  • Lifecycle Storage Support

    Files can be moved from fast disk to less expensive storage as information content ages and is accessed less frequently.

  • Flexible Search Architecture

    Permits users to dynamically combine application indexes and data attributes for faster, more efficient search and retrieval.

  • Enterprise Index™

    Allows unlimited paths to stored items and index entries down to the field level; groups content across all enterprise systems.

  • Section Index™

    Breaks reports into sections and grants role-based user access.Reports can be run once, parsed, and distributed appropriately.

  • UniversalArchive™

    Supports any choice or mix of servers and storage devices; ensures global content access and guaranteeing content portability.


The ASG-ViewDirect Repository assists organizations to:
  • Capture content from any source and in any volume across your enterprise.

  • Provide unlimited scalability for organizations of all sizes on both mainframe and distributed platforms.

  • Offer unsurpassed query capability across diverse platforms and sources.

  • Leverage dynamic indexing to provide high-speed searches.

  • Provide immediate information retrieval, even during peak times.

  • Deliver content in an appropriate format via multiple channels, without the need for third-party software.

  • Incorporate section-bursting to permit secure distribution of information.

  • Provide flexibility to define storage hierarchy and retention rules.

  • Integrate with multiple security solutions to enforce corporate policies.