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for Intelligent IT Asset Management

ASG-TrackBird™ provides an end-to-end IT asset management solution that delivers automated IT asset discovery, and monitors licensing and compliance.

ASG-TrackBird helps organizations lower IT costs, manage compliance, and improve return on capital with an operational approach to lifecycle, inventory, contract, and cost controls of IT assets. The solution performs ongoing IT inventory. It generates easily customizable reports on all aspects of the organization’s infrastructure, including software usage and licensing, hardware configurations, and capacity, enabling managers to make better budgeting and purchasing decisions.


  • Reports on policy adherence

  • Allows report customization

  • Allows enterprise scalability


  • Reduces software licensing costs through instant, extensive application audits.

  • Reduces business risks associated with the installation of unauthorized software and non-conformance to software licensing agreements.

  • Alerts administrators to asset changes.

  • Provides comprehensive IT asset inventory.