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For Total Performance Problem Resolution in CICS/TS for VSE

ASG-TMON for CICS TS/VSE is designed to monitor and improve availability of business applications designed for IBM's CICS TS platform in the VSE/ESA operating system environment.

CICS system programmers and data center managers need a reliable way to fine-tune CICS TS system performance and improve overall system and business application availability. ASG-TMON® for CICS TS/VSE™’s Performance Monitor enables you to track key system statistics for all CICS/ TS jobs, reducing the time typically needed to monitor a complex CICS transaction system.


  • Provides seamless integration with relevant information in other ASG-TMON products for faster and easier problem resolution.

  • Monitors multiple CICS partitions across systems, presenting a global view to promptly resolve performance issues.

  • Allows you to move quickly and seamlessly between ASG-TMON for CICS TS/ VSE, ASG-TMON for Z/VSE, and ASG-VM Contention Monitor.

  • Identify problems and access detailed information on transaction statistics, system history, and environmental history.

  • Automatically terminate applications that are negatively impacting overall application and system performance.

  • ASG-TMON for CICS TS/VSE’s VM Contention Monitor component provides you with a view into critical VM system resources.

  • Database supported: IBM® DB2®, IBM DL/I, Software AG Adabas®, CA datacom® and other third-party databases.


Integrated with the ASG-TMON® z/VSE family of performance management solutions.
  • Improves business application and system availability.

  • Isolates problems, rapidly reducing mean time to resolution.

  • Provides real-time and historical performance monitoring to simplify problem identification and resolution.

  • Provides robust application and performance analysis tools to solve problems fast.

  • Includes history reporting, long-term trend analysis, capacity planning, and performance management.