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ASG-TMON Change Manager for CICS TS and System Definition Auditor feature

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For Change Management of IBM CICS Transaction Server System Definitions

ASG-TMON Change Manager for CICS TS is a tool that automates modifications to CICS System Definitions (CSD) and CICS Plex System Manager definitions across all CICS TS on IBM z/OS environments.

These tools securely manage and automate CICS TS on z/OS system changes and, by reducing errors and improving productivity, significantly enhance timely delivery to market. With centralized, streamlined, and automated processes, ASG-TMON Change Manager for CICS TS ensures greater system quality, security, and productivity, while reducing human resource costs.


  • Provides secure, centralized management of CICS Transaction Server (TS) system definitions.

  • Automates change management of repetitive CICS TS system definition maintenance tasks, including fallback capabilities.

  • Identifies incorrect and obsolete CICS TS system definitions automatically.

  • Enables applications programmers to manage changes with system administrator controls and oversight.

  • Includes an audit trail with all changes to meet auditing and regulatory requirements.


  • Automated and streamlined process with improved quality and secure administration of CICS TS system changes.

  • Reduces constraints on systems programmers and removes bottlenecks in CICS TS system definition change management processes.

  • Easy to use tool for cleaining up and consolidating CICS definitions. Great for data center consolidation and company mergers.

  • Enables applications programmers to create and promote application changes without having CICS systems programmer skills.

  • Includes a detailed audit trail to meet the stringent security and regulatory requirements of today's business.