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For Interactive Testing and Debugging

ASG-SmartTest provides language intelligence with automated testing and debugging facilities to help accelerate the return of applications to production.

ASG-SmartTest enables users to quickly pinpoint the source of any problem and access logic paths and data elements required for testing. Besides resolving the single problem at hand, ASG-SmartTest allows you to explore the various execution paths of the program and identify other ways a similar problem could occur. This means that all instantiations of a problem are fixed in one test session, thereby rapidly increasing application quality and reducing future errors.


Provide source-level debugging for COBOL, Assembler, and PL/I application programs.
  • Tests CICS transactions started from the Internet.

  • Supports synchronous and asynchronous transactions.

  • Provides COBOL and PL/I intelligent find facility.

  • Features environment-sensitive, test setup wizards.

  • Fault Analyzer option provides intelligent abend analysis in conjunction with SmartScope


Assists Quality Assurance testers, and builds test data environments quickly that meet developers' requirements.
  • Program understanding

    Explores all execution paths and reveals all data relationships for complete program understanding.

  • Root cause analysis

    Provides unique improvements in root cause analysis for production abends.

  • Quality Assurance

    Ensures modified areas of programs have been thoroughly tested before going into production.

  • Identifies logic and data errors

    Accelerates the return of critical applications to production by locating and identifying logic and data errors.