ASG SmartTeam - Application Problem Determination and Debug Suite

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Understand, Manage and Extend Existing Applications to Support Changing Enterprise Circumstances, in the Most Cost-effective Manner

The ASG SmartTeam - Application Problem Determination and Debug Suite helps developers rapidly identify program problems, apply corrective solutions, and test fixes. This is an integrated solution for debugging, fault management, file and data manipulation, and application performance management that links test and production environments. Application quality needs are addressed across a spectrum of programming languages and database platforms for both batch and CICS.

ASG offers Applications Management solutions that address the business challenges facing IT managers of every organization. ASG provides solutions that organize, prioritize, measure, and improve delivery of application portfolios in support of changing enterprise circumstances. The best practices, technology, and derived metrics of Applications Management solutions allow organizations to bring a holistic view to their continuing application portfolio management.


The ASG SmartTeam - Application Problem Determination Suite gives you the ability to quickly obtain accurate test data, find performance improvement opportunities, and identify and debug root causes of application problems.
  • ASG-SmartTest

    Integrated testing and debugging environment that supports Assembler, C, COBOL, and PL/I programs in the batch, CICS, IMS and DB2 environments.

  • ASG-SmartScope

    Fault diagnosis and dump management in the batch, CICS, IMS and DB2 environments with source language support for Assembler, C, COBOL, and PL/I.

  • ASG-SmartFile

    Provides easy access to multiple z/OS file types, such a PDS, PDSE, SAM, VSAM datasets and IMS databases, as well as extensive support for managing DB2 tables.

  • ASG-ValidDate

    Manipulates the system date to evaluate the effect on applications.


  • Interactive language intelligent analysis of abends for CICS and batch applications.

  • Interactive fault analysis solution to expedite problem determination.

  • Gain significant productivity improvements in ABEND problem resolution through integration between fault diagnosis and testing tools.

  • Quickly diagnose and resolve production problems in the core mainframe environments.

  • Enable a true production-level test environment by leveraging mainframe data sources.

  • Promote application quality and performance.