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ASG SmartTeam - Application Discovery and Understanding Suite

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Control and Drastically Reduce the Burden of the Software Maintenance Process

ASG SmartTeam - Application Discovery and Understanding Suite is our comprehensive and integrated tool set that supports legacy application reengineering and maintenance processes by providing a lifecycle solution for managing your existing systems. The suite supports applications reengineering tasks including the general inspection tasks of revealing program structure, relationship tracing, and exposing program deviations.

Studies and user experience have proven that the use of tools to provide a thorough understanding of applications can improve programmer productivity more than 20 percent. An application knowledge base enables organizations to leverage their existing application assets. It is an essential mechanism for improving business agility and increasing efficiencies.


ASG SmartTeam - Application Discovery and Understanding Suite provides the ideal tools for managing the applications portfolio.
  • ASG-Alliance

    Application-understanding component of an integrated life cycle solution for managing your existing systems. Uses an analytical engine for revealing a wealth of information about your organization's applications.

  • ASG-Encore

    Reengineering component that provides a powerful tool to quickly identify and extract COBOL business functions for reengineering and reuse.

  • ASG-Insight

    Automated program-understanding component that enables complete program understanding.

  • ASG-Recap

    Application quality measurement component that provides application size and quality metrics to support portfolio evaluation and ongoing application quality initiatives.

  • ASG-SmartDoc

    Automated program documentation component that provides the documentation required for continuous application improvement.

  • ASG-SmartEdit

    Provides COBOL program intelligence to the ISPF editor, facilitating any changes to COBOL application programs.


  • Improves productivity through comprehensive application understanding and effective reporting.

  • Can be implemented in an incremental and cost-effective manner to deliver quick time to value.

  • Enables application organizations to efficiently rationalize their application assets.

  • Addresses a wide range of technologies and management requirements to support the entire application portfolio.

  • Supports governance requirements with reporting and analysis functionality.