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An effective and easy-to-use file and data management solution that can improve the speed and quality of testing.

ASG-SmartFile provides formatted and unformatted views that allow users to view data as stored, or in context of the underlying data structure, via a COBOL, PL1, or Assembler record layout.

ASG-SmartFile provides all of the benefits necessary for more efficient file and data management. There are full change, insert, and delete features to allow users to complete data management from a single tool. Run options allow users to execute interactively or in batch mode. ASG-SmartFile also includes a wide range of additional features, functions, and utilities that facilitate ease of use and streamline the process of application testing.


ASG-SmartFile is a powerful, yet simple-to-use file and data management solution for z/OS® and DB2.
  • Multiple File Types Supported

    Supports sequential, PDS, VSAM, IAM , IMS, and DB2 files.

  • Enhanced Features

    Provides enhanced search, replace, copy, reformat, and print utilities.

  • Batch Interface

    Provides online and batch interfaces.


Assists Quality Assurance testers, and builds test data environments quickly that meet developers' requirements.
  • Task Reduction

    Reduces the arduous tasks associated with managing several different data types.

  • Eliminates custom scripts and one-off programs

    Eliminates the need to write custom scripts or one-off programs usually needed to move or convert data.

  • Assists Quality Assurance

    Helps manage data, and improve developer productivity and overall data integrity,