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Centralized Data Management and Flexible Reporting

The ASG-Safari Suite is a powerful, flexible, and extensible server-based data management solution used to access and organize data environments and to provide intelligent information via data analytics, reports, and other visualization tools.

ASG-Safari combines various data sources, for example an ERP system for manufacturing, a CRM application for sales, and a financial database for accounting, into one virtual source, resulting in a consolidated view of the information available in your enterprise. Users share critical business information via a centralized metadata dictionary, ensuring that everyone utilizes exactly the same information. The information can then be used to verify data accuracy between systems, to consolidate information to create actionable reports and graphs, and analyzed to make strategic business decisions.


  • Graphical Data Administration Tools

    Combine data from disparate sources, administer data elements and verify accuracy prior to reporting and analysis.

  • Report Writing and Data Management

    Create powerful production reports involving complex logic in an easy-to-use, “English-like,” non-procedural reporting environment.

  • Web-based Reporting

    Produce flexible, easy-to-use, presentation-quality Web-based reports and reduce reporting bottlenecks in IT.

  • Universal Data Access

    Provide universal connectivity to any ODBC-compliant data environment with dissimilar platforms and operating systems.

  • Comprehensive Data Visualization

    Connect favorite visualization tools to secured, preprocessed enterprise data without having to change processes and procedures.


  • Enhanced Security

    Database and application security enforced so only authorized users can access specific data and reports.

  • Cost Reduction

    Modular; use only the modules needed for your data management, reporting and analysis environment.

  • Reduced Complexity

    Centralized data management, analysis and report tool that combines data from disparate sources for both IT and end users.

  • Data Integration

    Access any data, regardless of the format, application, or environment in which it was created.

  • Process Efficiency

    Enhance the management, accessibility, analysis, and distribution of reports.

The ASG-Safari products have helped this department tremendously. We housed all the data on each student, but didn’t have an easy way to get the data out. ASG-Safari extracts the data to the desktop so we can identify trends and measure performance of the student body.

Director of Information Management Services