ASG-RiverGlass for eDiscovery

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For Radically Reducing Document Search, Review Time and Cost

Ever-increasing amounts of content and data—both internal and external—require a systematic solution that can quickly identify information relevant to your needs or area of interest.

ASG-RiverGlass for eDiscovery gives IT and legal teams an intelligent, unified, early case data assessment solution that accesses, consolidates, classifies and categorizes targeted and relevant documents and content within the enterprise, and on the Internet. It dramatically reduces the time and associated costs to identify relevant content, allowing the user to allocate less time searching for content and more time analyzing it. ASG-RiverGlass for eDiscovery can access a wide variety of data sources and content (e.g., emails and documents) anywhere in your organization (e.g., network drives, SharePoint sites, etc.) and on the Internet (e.g., blogs, social networking sites). The result is highly targeted document sets. Legal first identifies the information they need from the Subject Guide, and IT pulls the correct data; this data is then passed to a review platform. It is also has intelligent scanning, which automatically monitors for—and notifies users of—new or modified content.


  • Gather and consolidate disparate content types from multiple sources: email, file systems and/or the Internet.

  • Automate content categorization by topics and/or custodian.

  • Monitor for, and notify users of, new relevant content automatically.

  • Identify relevant content previously unknown to users.

  • Respond when new relevant content has been discovered.

  • Include complete audit trail in order to document all actions taken on data.


  • Reduce costs through targeted collections.

  • Improve processing time by culling non-relevant documents and identifying duplicates.

  • Save time by pre-classifing content via automated bulk tagging (confidential, privileged, etc.).

  • Drive relevant content to the forefront using context-aware search.

  • Optimize processing, search and retrieval of text-based content via a customizable Subject Guide.

  • Obtain a clearer overall picture of the content by interacting with live visualizations.