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For Web-Enablement and Distribution of Reports in Legacy and ERP Systems

ASG-Report.Web Web-enables reports from legacy, mainframe, ERP and distributed systems. It then pushes the information to employees, customers and partners for faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective distribution of information.

ASG-Report.Web helps streamline report distribution from legacy, mainframe and ERP environments, while reducing administrative overhead and capital expenditures. Administrators no longer need to monitor print jobs and perform steps when print jobs are finished. ASG-Report.Web actively monitors reports and folders on a predetermined schedule – daily, weekly, or any time – and takes action as soon as new information becomes available. Powerful online expiration and purging mechanisms permit ongoing and unattended maintenance. And, if the information resides in multiple, disparate systems, ASG-Report.Web can be managed remotely using a secure, Web-based management interface. The easy-to-use interface allows instant navigation to a page or section of a report. If a specific report – or a section of a report – needs to be scrutinized, information can be simultaneously extracted and written into a database. This approach enables additional reporting and/or analysis.


  • Web enables host-generated reports for online viewing in enterprise intranets / extranets.

  • Accepts and distributes data from multiple platforms, applications, and databases.

  • Provides for multiple uses of one data input stream: section bursting, tree indexing, or data analysis.

  • Incorporates expandable annotations to further clarify report information.


  • Reduces costs associated with report printing and distribution.

  • Simplifies administration via unattended distribution of reports.

  • Reduces time spent searching for reports with the Favorites feature.

  • Permits even the largest of reports to be distributed and viewed without taxing network resources.

We unplugged the printers, and the print centers went out of business and NSF immediately saved $2 million in direct costs. We also were able to reconfigure our computer center using the space freed up when the printers were moved out.

Computer Specialist - The National Science Foundation